Hello, how are you?

I’m Norah, a twenty-something year old from Melbourne, Australia. I suck at writing or speaking about myself because even though I’m incredibly awkward in real life, that talent (unfortunately) doesn’t leave me online but I absolutely love writing and especially about the things I love which you will find in this little space I’ve created and that includes but is not limited to: pizza, jazz music, books, fashion (anything involving stripes), food, make-up, smoothies, more food and exploring the world.

I am a professional procrastinator and kept um-ing and ah-ing about actually starting a blog so it took a while for it to come to life, but here we are… finally. One day when I was trying to think of a name for this blog, I knew I wanted to share everything that I loved in my life by writing and began to lose track of the amount of times that my friends asked if I owned anything in my closet that wasn’t striped (the answer is no,) that’s when I had a little Oprah “Ah ha!” moment and the lightbulb in my head clicked and the name for this little guy was born.

So, welcome to Life In Stripes. A place where I will discuss my absolute passions with hopefully not too terrible photography and perhaps a little bit of funny commentary (I think I’m funny.) I really hope that whoever reads this can find something that they enjoy, that inspires them, makes them hungry, happy or just relates to it in anyway and then we can form our own super cool girl gang and take over the world.